White & light wood mix

Natural wood grain cabinets are making a major comeback this year especially in kitchens.

Lighter wood species like oak or pine are being left unstained or nearly unfinished, to embrace more of an organic look and bring nature indoors. White oak is hitting the kitchen scene with its versatility in looks from modern, rustic, seaside and French cottage.

Mixing white with wood elements helps to keep the white cabinets from being too stark. By pairing white and wood cabinets, the wood grounds the space and brings in warmth while the white keeps it bright and fresh. A blended balance that creates a feeling of soft luxury.

For painted cabinets, matte has been favored over glossy but going back to a raw wood grain look is gaining more popularity. Solid wood is attractive and can be easily refinished but requires care and maintenance, so materials like wood veneer and painted MDF are now more common in cabinet door construction. MDF outperforms solid wood durability and veneered pieces are more stable and less likely to warp.

The appeal to this look is neutral color, dimension and texture that creates a connection to the natural elements. Raw wood looks are predicted to continue as a trend and be more embraced in homes as we become more eco-conscious.