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Boho Kitchens: Your Guide To Achieving The Look:

The beauty of a boho kitchen (or bohemian kitchen) is that it allows liberation to combine ideas and create a space not too tied down to any particular interior design concept. This hybrid approach can inspire a kitchen space transformation that mixes the elegant and the modern with the laid-back and the rustic to create an eye-opening statement.

If it?s difficult to imagine such an eclectic design scheme working, consider how a worn rug could be implemented into a clean white kitchen or how Rattan lights could provoke intrigue in an equally clear-cut kitchen, and you?ll begin to get the picture. Now, let?s take a deeper look into the ways in which you can achieve the boho kitchen of your dreams.


With the boho kitchen, you can feel free to mix up several interior design ideas without feeling constricted by any one concept. When you begin to brainstorm boho kitchen decor lean toward a clean, clear-cut concept that could speak coastal beach house, for example, then consider items to throw it off balance a bit.

So certainly bring in some biophilic design to let the natural outside world in, then you could add some warmth with items such as a patterned rug and colorfully offbeat trinkets. Consider enhancing your space with brushed brass tapware, and cabinetry pulls. And why not make a statement with your backsplash while you?re at it too by adding some eye-opening feature tiles and mosaics.

"Make it simple, but significant." -- Don Draper


The modern boho kitchen should ideally embody a homely appeal with a touch of the offbeat to provoke a point of interest. This kitchen space should be open, inspirational and thought-provoking, so feel free to color and textualize your boho style kitchen with your personality.

The simplicity of a shaker style kitchen could be your base point, and then you could throw some intrigue into the mix by going a bit vintage with a crafted wooden table, some woven dining chairs and pendant hanging lights to liven aspects up a bit.


If you?re inclined toward a more minimalist boho kitchen style, then we hear you too. There?s no reason why you can?t implement your ideas to accommodate the ideal bohemian kitchen.

Taking advantage of natural light, clear surfaces and a seamless color scheme are certainly some of the allures of the minimalist aesthetic, and they chime perfectly with boho. Exposed brick walls, and a dash of quirky color, for example, would draw attention to these details without losing the refined beauty of the minimalist style. Even the boho kitchen tradition of open shelving would work if used sparingly and kept clear of clutter. White ceramics and wood equally help to bring in some character without sacrificing that flawless look.



If you need a bit of help or encouragement in achieving your ideal boho kitchen, speak to our friendly design consultants or consider booking in a free discovery call? to look at the design possibilities.?Our team will help you pick the perfect fixtures and fittings for your bohemian kitchen.