Create your own unique expression

In designing your home, your personal preferences are an important factor in creating your own unique expression. Whether you want to redesign your current space or you are starting from a blank canvas, knowing where to begin at times can be intimidating. But have no fear, we are here to help!

The first step is choosing a theme or style to best suit your taste and personality. There are many options out there, but here we have narrowed down the top Interior Design styles that we will be seeing the most of in 2020. Get ready to find your inspiration!

Mid-Century Modern is where retro meets modernism by juxtaposing organic shapes with sleek lines to create simple elegance. Quality wood, glass and metal provide high functionality and durability. Mid-Century Modern is set a part by embracing pattern, texture, and the connection to nature. The vivid use of color in this style usually includes hues of orange, yellow, green and brown, but can vary.

Industrial style has a visual appeal of exposing all working elements. This loft style is heavy, rough and embraces a worn, salvaged look. Brick, wrought iron, steel, beams, columns, pipes, ducts and conduits are emphasized and brought to the forefront, transforming the working parts of the building into its main aesthetic. It is common for Industrial style design to include large windows, high ceilings and wide spaces mixed with wooden elements and vintage decor.

Transitional style is the fusion of Classic Traditional and Contemporary design. These two styles may seem to contrast one another, as the Traditional style can be considered 'old fashioned,' and the Contemporary style can be considered 'cold.' But Transitional style creates the best of both worlds, focusing on comfort, simplicity and sophistication. This color palette is predominantly neutral, monochromatic and warm, with large scale furniture.

Scandinavian style practices Hygge, a quality of coziness and comfort that focuses on the well-being and mindfulness of people. It is a careful balance between efficient minimalism and inviting warmth. Some people associate this term with IKEA, but the organic and industrial elements of this style bring simplicity, charm and functionality to the home. It is common for Scandinavian style design to include bare ornamentation, contemporary furniture and clean detailing. It is toned down, soft and uses light colors such as white, beige or grey. This brings a calmness to the space while enjoying the little things in life!

Bohemian style or 'Boho Chic,' captures a free and adventurous spirit, expressing strong individuality and total freedom. Keeping in contact with nature, unique and natural materials are used in mix of modern and old weathered furniture. This style is predominantly neutral with splashes of creative prints of ethnic elements such as moroccan or tribal designs. Flamboyant tones, prints and patterns that stand out boldly on a neutral palette create a cheerful ambiance. Bohemian style can appear busy in shape in form, but it is also very loose, comfortable and casual.

Coastal style is fresh and relaxed like the ocean, leaving a sun-kissed and nautical feeling. An abundance of natural materials and light play off of the contrast of whites and blues. This aquatic color palette usually combines bright whites and light neutrals with blues ranging from navy, aqua, teal, mint and turquoise. Wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker or jute accents are usually mixed in for a natural balance.

Modern Farmhouse has been a big trend the past few years and many homeowners still lean towards this style. It is comfortable, cozy, welcoming and inspired by cottages on the countryside. It combines shabby chic and traditional elements with clean contemporary lines. This style is characterized by vintage elements like aged or distressed wood. It is also determined by the decoration of the room, where arrangements of bowls, vases, baskets, bunches of flowers are common. One thing that appears certain is that the classic farmhouse sink will never go out of style!

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