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Small Kitchen Renovation: Big Impact With A Small Space:

It can feel creatively restricting to have a compact kitchen space. The walls could appear to be closing in along with a crushing sense of creative potential. However, you should never feel constricted by space constraints. On the contrary, a confined space could help you better focus on the relatively straightforward adjustments that can be made to open up the interior design possibilities.

It?s now time to turn any perceived limitations into an opportunity and to overcome kitchen claustrophobia by exploring the five significant impacts you could make with a small kitchen renovation.


Space efficiency is everything in a small kitchen. However, before you do anything, consider whether making your kitchen open-plan is a possibility. You need to appoint a builder, architect or surveyor first to determine whether any dividing wall is a load-bearing wall. Suppose it isn?t, and you have overcome any building permission and regulatory hurdles. In that case, you could be well on the way to turning your compact kitchen into something altogether more impactful.

By clearing that wall space, you give the illusion of a greater sized kitchen that draws in some of the positive energy and light from your surrounding areas. A kitchen countertop could now be easily incorporated into this new open plan area to allow the space to flow seamlessly and to add an extra dimension.


If you have created an open-plan space, you may have brought some extra light into your area already. This is a bonus, as evoking lightness into a confined space helps volumize the room, giving the appearance of a larger size.

Consider the benefits of light-colored cabinetry and counters to draw further brightness into your room and match those hues to your walls to create a clear-cut aesthetic. Some color distinctions can always be introduced with carefully appointed mosaics and feature tiles if required.


It costs nothing to declutter, and it?s arguably the easiest way to free up space in any room to make the most of what you already have. Try and streamline your worktops and surfaces by minimizing or completely clearing away any bulky hardware, appliances or utilities.

If you are concerned that going minimalist might rid your kitchen of some of its natural warmth or charm, you can always introduce intrigue with a characterful kitchen sink or some stylish kitchen tapware.


The best way to achieve the perfect small kitchen renovation is to book a design consultation with our team. They will guide you through the various options and strategically incorporate some of our unique product range too. Book an appointment in our service section.