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Bathroom Color Schemes: What Colors Work Best

With an exceptional range of bathroom color schemes available for your new build or renovation, it?s evident that the final design must be carefully considered to ensure you create a space that will enrich your daily routine for many years to come.

From the light and airy Hamptons-style bathroom to the sleek and sophisticated black bathroom trend, there is undeniably an option that will embrace all personalities and preferences.

We explore what colors work best with some of our most beloved bathroom color ideas to help celebrate your space.

White And Gold

White has undoubtedly maintained its status as one of the most quintessential bathroom colors used to create an elegant and refined space.

The versatility of white shines through its infinite number of available bathroom paint colors, ranging from crisp shades to cream and everything in between.
Adding hints of gold to white bathroom color schemes is a compelling method of adding luxury and vibrance to an otherwise subdued space.

How to incorporate white and gold into your bathroom:?White is best implemented with variety in mind, including wall tiles that alternate through several shades of this calming color. Include a focal point that instantly attracts the gaze. Accessorizing with brushed brass tapware to create continuity from top to bottom.

Coastal Hues

Those who are fortunate enough to live nearby the beach will have certainly witnessed the restorative harmony found where sea and sand meet.

Your bathroom color ideas can equally emulate this effect when pairing the coast?s most representative hues ? the humble blues of the ocean and the shimmering gold of the sand.

How to create a coastal themed bathroom: Start with a classic white wall, and embrace the soothing blues when tiling the walls and shower space. Add the essential glimmer of gold with a variety of brushed brass bathroom fixtures, including a towel rail and toilet roll holder.

Neutral Tones And Textures

For the space where you can enjoy existing in your most natural state, why not replicate mother nature? Begin by embracing earthy tones and textures, including peaceful greens and timbers.

Guaranteed to be one of the most soothing bathroom color schemes, you?ll find yourself transported to a realm of serenity where you can wash away the day.

How to incorporate nature into your bathroom: Muted green wall tiles in a glossy finish are an alluring starting point. Continue the theme with a natural oak vanity, and be sure to include your favorite indoor plant upon its surface.

Tranquil bathroom colors are best complemented with soft contours. Try incorporating the curvy form of a Basin Sink, or add a circular LED mirror for extra impact.


While some may consider black and grey a traditionally ?masculine? color combination, contemporary designers will argue otherwise.

Opting for a black bathroom offers timeless sophistication. When you envision an attested staple ? from fashion to interior design ? black will forever remain an infallible option. Sleek, minimal and functional, it will never become outdated. It effectively conceals unsightly spills or smudges when compared with whites or other lights.

A dark palette can create an intimate, cozy experience and a space that envelops its inhabitants in comfort.

How to incorporate black into your bathroom: Create a comprehensively monochromatic space with grey marble benchtops, paired with black timber cabinetry and smoky tiles. Brushed brass tapware can prove to be a bold feature, adding a striking contrast if you wish to break up the deep tones.

For those who merely wish to dabble in the black trend, aim to accessories with more subtle matte black tapware instead. A matte black arch wall mirror can also serve as a stunning and functional feature.

Still unsure of the best bathroom paint colors to meet your needs and require some assistance in achieving your ideal bathroom? Have a chat with our friendly design consultants or consider booking a free design consultation to discuss your interior design options.