How can a project manager help set your project up for success?

Homeowners who choose to work with a general contractor or smaller remodeling firm may find that much of the project management responsibilities will be theirs. But balancing schedule, budget, managing subcontractors and logistics is tough, that’s why we believe that every client deserves a designated project manager who will be in contact daily. While the reduced cost or convenience of contractors could be appealing, this can also come along with some headaches, as our team has seen first-hand. With an experienced project manager and a team of remodeling professionals on your side, we are able to identify and resolve any issues that may arise during the remodeling process.

What responsibilities does the project manager usually have?

After The design is completed and accepted and all of your contractor bids are in, the project manager will be in charge of your job, from start to finish.

Managing a home remodeling project can involve lots of different tasks, such as:

  • Meeting with and managing subcontractors
  • Making sure the job site stays clean and safe
  • Following the Design Project Book
  • Updating calendars
  • Dealing with any issues that may come up
  • Coordinating materials arriving at the home with the trades
  • And finally, making sure you the client is kept away from the stress of the remodel by fielding all the calls and questions that come up from beginning to end

What does our team love about managing your project?

The purpose of a project manager is to have 1 point of contact to communicate timelines, relay changes to the contractor and homeowner and to ensure each milestone is met during your remodel. The project manager will be the liaison between the contractor and his team of trades and you. Duties include: site visits beyond the design site visits to make sure the project is meeting deadlines, coordinating materials arriving at the home and accepting deliveries. Price is $ 1,250 a week and is estimated with how many weeks and time is needed to manage the project.

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